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B-spline Background

Some introductory background on interpolating B-splines and their construction can be found here.


einspline is written in standard C conforming to the C99 standard. To install it, you will need a compiler which supports this standard. It uses autoconf/automake/libtool for installation, but these are not required to build the library. The following is a quick set of instructions for installing einspline.

  1. Download the source from here .
  2. Unpack the tarball with a command such as
     tar xvpzf einspline-0.5.tar.gz 
  3. cd to the einspline root directory.
  4. Automatically configure for your machine by running the configure script.
  5. For more configuration options run:
      ./configure --help
    For example, to configure the library to be installed in your home directory (such as on a supercomputer where you do not have root access), run
      ./configure --prefix=$HOME 
  6. To take maximum advantage of SSE instructions, configure with "--enable-sse"
  7. To utilize software prefetch (in some routines) use "--enable-prefetch". This improves speed significantly on some processors and hurts on others.
  8. Build the library with
  9. Finally, install the library with
      make install 

Library API

C interface

libbspline organizes spline routines into two groups: those which are specified on a uniform grid (or multidimensional mesh), and those on nonuniform grids. The uniform versions of the routines are documented below, followed by the nonuniform versions.

Single uniform Splines

Multiple uniform Splines

Single nonuniform Splines

FORTRAN 77 interface

Single uniform splines

Multiple uniform splines

Single nonuniform splines

Python interface

This interface has not yet been coded.

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