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Releasing einspline-0.8.0. This release contains new functions which, for a given evaluation point, evaluate a whole set of splines with a single evaluation call. For large numbers of splines, this can result in a very significant speedup -- in some cases 4x! The functions are very similar to the single-spline version. Only uniform multi-splines have been implemented so far.


einspline-0.7.7 was released today. It fixes an off-by-one error in the construction of nonuniform B-spline bases.


Today, einspline 0.6 will be released today. This release includes Fortran 77 wrappers to the C library.


einspline-0.5 was released today. This is the initial public release of the library. I have tested it, but not extensively. Please report any bugs to kpesler AT ciw DOT edu.

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