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What is it?

einspline is a C library for the creation and evaluation of interpolating cubic basis splines (B-splines) in 1, 2, and 3 dimensions. Fortran 77 wrappers are also included.


  • Basis-splines require storage of only a single coefficient per mesh point. Standard tricubic spline representation requires 8 coefficients per mesh point.
  • Uses a simple interface to create B-spline objects.
  • Supports both uniform and nonuniform grids.
  • Uses periodic, fixed first-derivative, or fixed second derivative boundary conditions.
  • Works with four types:
    • Single-precision real
    • Double-precision real
    • Single-precsion complex
    • Double-precision complex
  • Four evaluation functions per type:
    • Value only
    • Value and gradient
    • Value, gradient, and Laplacian
    • Value, gradient, and Hessian matrix
  • Hand-coded SSE versions of evaluation routines for high-speed
    • SIMD operations to increase FLOPS
    • Data-prefetch to reduce memory latency
  • Easy installation with autoconf/automake/libtool
For more information and downloading, please go to the SourceForge project page.


Kenneth P. Esler, Jr., Ph.D.
Carnegie Institution of Washington
Geophysical Laboratory
kesler AT ciw DOT edu

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